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Grabshare driver tells off woman who complained about co-passenger – a full-time national serviceman




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A Grabshare driver shared how she told off a woman for complaining that a fellow passenger, a full-time national serviceman (NSF), smelled bad. Sharing her experience in the closed Facebook page for Grab and Uber drivers, the driver said that he picked up the woman at Changi, and that she was going to Hougang. She sat in the back seat.

He later picked up the NSF from the SAF Changi Ferry Terminal. He was headed towards Sengkang. He sat in the front.

Halfway through the journey, the woman asked the driver to turn off the air-con and wind down the car window because the NSF seated in front smelled bad.

The driver got upset at this request and told the woman to cover her nose with a tissue paper, and allow the NSF to enjoy the aircon throughout his trip.

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The NSF did not say a word throughout the journey.

In the driver’s own words:

“Looks like I’m the chosen 1 for grabshare jobs…. Why all the unhappy trip happens to me. This evening, around 520pm,I took a GS job from flora road to changi village Indian temple,$5, promo $3 off.

Than drop pax, immediately got a GS ping again at changi cargo.(destination hougang st 51, female pax, promo $3) she sit behind. Reached location,I received another ping at SAF ferry terminal.(destination sengkang blk201,nsf)hosey liao. match ride. nsf sit front seat.

As you all know,the way out to tpe is jam all the way plus the accident on sle was quite bad and tail back all the way to IKEA tampines. When reach changi air base junction,the lady ask me to wind down the window, off the aircon.

Me- why?

Female pax-Very pungent smell, I cannot stand it.

Me-what smell you talking about?

*She pointed at the NSF from behind.

Me-hello,this nsf here,serves the nation,spent his 2 yrs time.you complaining he is smelly?

You better run faster if anything happen to Singapore.i also served the nation,sweat all over..I got no complain at all. I tell you what,I got tissue here,you want, you use it to cover your nose.

You can wind down the rear window if you want,this nsf will get to enjoy the aircon as he is a paying passenger as well. Next time,pls book a normal grabcar lah..No one can share with you.

Nbcb….Nsf not human?No need to care about his feeling? He kept silence all the way for the 40mins journey… Sinkie pwn sinkie…Well done…”

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