SINGAPORE: Grab has apologised after the superapp experienced a significant outage on Wednesday afternoon (17 Apr), disrupting its services and affecting hundreds of users. According to data compiled by the network status monitoring website DownDetector, a staggering 431 complaints flooded in around 12 noon, indicative of the widespread impact of the crash.

The majority of grievances, approximately 95%, were attributed to the disruption of Grab’s payment services, causing considerable inconvenience for users attempting transactions. The remaining 5% of complaints cited issues ranging from application malfunctions to server connectivity problems, further exacerbating the user experience.

One frustrated netizen took to Grab’s social media platform, specifically Facebook, to express their dismay. In their message, they lamented their inability to order takeout or complete payments for meals seamlessly.

Grab acknowledged the complaint, affirming their awareness of the issue and assuring users that their technical team was diligently laboring to rectify the situation. Additionally, Grab extended apologies for any inconvenience endured by their user base.

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A spokesperson for Grab later confirmed the existence of a malfunction within the mobile app’s payment function earlier in the day. However, they assured users that the problem had been successfully addressed, bringing relief to those affected. Grab reiterated their regret for the inconvenience incurred by their customers during the unexpected disruption.

The sudden crash of Grab’s superapp serves as a stark reminder of the growing dependence on digital platforms for everyday services, emphasizing the importance of robust infrastructure and swift response mechanisms to mitigate such occurrences in the future.