Genting Bus Accident: Tragic Collision near Kuala Lumpur Injures 11 Singaporeans and Kills 1 Malaysian

Videos showing the horrific bus crash that left 1 Malaysian dead and injured 13 passengers, including 11 Singaporeans, near Kuala Lumpur over the weekend have been circulating online. The Genting bus accident occurred as the bus, which was returning to Singapore from Genting Highlands, crashed into a gravel truck along the Karak-Kuala Lumpur Expressway on Saturday afternoon.

It is believed that the bus driver had lost control of the vehicle and did not slow down as his vehicle approached a gravel truck, resulting in the collision. The bus conductor, 26-year-old Malaysian Mr Carles Lagan was trapped near the front of the bus and reportedly died on the spot.

One passenger, 19-year-old Yip Keng Yim who had been traveling with her family members, said that the accident “happened so fast”. She recounted: “After boarding the bus, I was not able to sleep because it was being driven at high speed. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash, and then everybody fell off their seats.”

A video that has been circulating on social media in the aftermath of the collision shows the moment of impact between the two vehicles. The bus can be seen traveling in the leftmost lane and crashing into the rear end of the gravel truck. The impact destroys the front of the bus and severely damages the bus’ left side: 

Two other videos show the immediate aftermath of the Genting bus accident as passengers can be seen surveying the damage in the bus as they scramble to exit the vehicle: 

11 Singaporeans between the ages of 19 and 81 years old were conveyed to hospitals following the Genting bus accident. Six of these 11 patients have reportedly been discharged, while the remaining five are still hospitalized.

The tragic Genting bus accident serves as a somber reminder of the ongoing challenges related to road safety in the region. With increased scrutiny on driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, and overall safety protocols, it is hoped that the necessary steps will be taken to reduce the occurrence of such accidents in the future. Our thoughts remain with the victims and their families as the investigation continues.

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