On May 27, Sunday, around 30 students and teachers from the Millennia Institute (MI) were on a bus that unfortunately met with an accident while they were on a school trip to Cambodia. According to one of the parents, six of the students where taken via ambulance to Royal Phnom Penh Hospital. Others followed in another vehicle shortly afterwards.

The bus was backing out of the guesthouse where the students were staying when a truck bumped into it. 

The guesthouse is just outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital.

The students, who are accompanied by four teachers, were scheduled to return to Singapore on Thursday, May 31, but have had to cut short their trip, and are believed to have arrived back home already.

Their excursion was taken for the purpose of values inculcation. This course, according to the website of the Ministry of Education, is designed to teach students to become socially responsible and contribute meaningfully to their communities “through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills.”

A parent of one of one of the students said that the injuries from the accident were relatively minor, consisting of cuts, bruises, slight sprains, etc. This parent was called by the school and has chosen to remain unnamed.

The school has declined to comment on the accident.