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GE2020: Chee Soon Juan urges public not to fall for PAP’s favourite trick again

Dr Chee was speaking during an online rally where he said the PAP had no more ideas on how to take Singapore into the future




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Singapore – Opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Dr Chee Soon Juan held an online rally on June 30 (Tuesday), highlighting how the People’s Action Party (PAP) is bankrupt of ideas on how to take Singapore into the future.

Dr Chee, who is contesting at Bukit Batok SMC, shared his excitement on holding an online campaign because of the more personal and genuine approach it has with viewers who are watching at home.

“My friends, at this election, I urge you not to fall for the PAP’s favourite trick again. Don’t get into this trap of turning this election into an unseemly circus of you calling me names and I scolding you back,” said Dr Chee who noted this does not constitute an intelligent General Elections. He pushed for the ideas and proposals coming from each party that will address the worries, needs and aspirations of the public.

PAP bankrupt of ideas in taking Singapore into the future

Although it was a big claim to make, Dr Chee emphasised the fact that the PAP was bankrupt of ideas on how to take the country into the future. Using hard evidence, he explained how productivity under the PAP “has failed thus far.” He showed the recent growth rate of Singapore and added a DBS report statement published by Today, which says, “Vietnam’s economy to overtake Singapore’s in 10 years.”

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“Without productivity increase, the economy slows down, and when the economy slows down, jobs are affected,” said Dr Chee.

He highlighted the “graduate poor” where young professionals are finding it difficult to start a career. At the same time, the elderly in Singapore are placed in a similar situation. “What kind of a society have we become? What kind of people have we turned into?” he asked when the seniors have to work menial, backbreaking jobs.

Dr Chee reiterated that the facts he just mentioned happened before the Covid-19 pandemic and was not an effect of the crisis. “For 17 years since 2003, when Mr Lee Hsien Loong declared that productivity increase was the way to go, the PAP has not been able to deliver.”

A solution proposed by Dr Chee was to ensure as much cash remains in the pockets of citizens in the next four to five years, to keep the economy progressing and to maintain and create jobs. He then introduced SDP’s 4Y1N campaign, which is to suspend the GST until 2021, pay retrenchment benefits to workers, provide income for retirees and to prevent a 10 million population.

“I know I run the risk of boring you by getting all nerdy and technical on you, but entertaining you is easy. All I have to do is come up with one-liners and zingers to burn the PAP, and everyone will have a good laugh and turn off the computer,” said Dr Chee. “I don’t cite you all these dates, these figures and reports for fun,” he added. Dr Chee reiterated that his campaign was run on facts and the public deserves an opposition they can reason with towards a similar goal.

Members from the online community responded to his speech, noting his perseverance and commitment to their cause, despite all odds. Netizens also appreciated and were impressed with his clear and well-thought-out presentation. Many urged for Bukit Batok residents to give him a chance.

Photo: FB screengrab/Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

Photo: FB screengrab/Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

Photo: FB screengrab/Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

Photo: FB screengrab/Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

Watch the full coverage here.

GE 2020 Online Rally: Dr Chee Soon Juan

GE 2020 Online Rally: Dr Chee Soon Juan#BukitBatok #SDP #4Y1N #GE2020

Posted by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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