Frustrated with his girlfriend often giving him the silent treatment, a guy took to social media, asking others for advice on what he should do.

In an anonymous post to confessions page SGWhispers on Wednesday (Sept 21), the guy wrote that he had been fighting with his girlfriend through text messages almost every other day, with her giving him the silent treatment for about two days.

“in this latest fight I had told her that she had hurt me with her harsh words and I tried to express in detail to her how it had made me feel pretty lousy abt myself. She apologized after a while, then I told her we should wrap the argument up, then she would say things like “I don’t feel good”, and ‘her head feels heavy'” the guy wrote.

However, despite him trying to let the matter rest, his girlfriend would ask him to leave her alone. She would also say that “I’m trying to make her the ‘bad guy’ for hurting me”. The argument would continue and then end with the girlfriend refusing to reply.

“I reacted emotionally by asking her if she treated me like a dog, and that I had to say sorry on command without knowing why, and said how can she say ‘bye’ whenever she wants”, the guy wrote.

“In the past, we would always try to solve any fights before going to bed, and she herself said that she would always want to solve them before sleeping, and I agreed. Yet she’s doing the opposite now”, he added.

“So now we are having the silent treatment, her last reply was Saturday afternoon. I really don’t know what to do anymore. As I’m writing this post I felt really helpless, angry, and despondent, so I apologize for the articulation of the words I used in trying to explain the situation”, the guy wrote.

Netizens were mostly sympathetic towards him, but there were also some who wondered why his arguments were only via text messages.

Here’s what they said: