A woman who was crushed by her husband cheating on her wrote that she found solace in spending his money on luxury items she did not need.

In an anonymous post to confessions page SGWhispers the woman wrote that her husband was her first and only love who she had been since she was a teenager. “He comes from a rich background and I’ve grown used to him spending on me and buying me branded bags and other luxury items. I’m used to being pampered by him even though I came from a much modest background”, the woman wrote.

She added that after marrying her husband and getting pregnant, she quit her job while he started his own business. “I’ve accepted our living arrangement as he gives me a generous allowance and I have plenty of help at home. He has made my life very comfortable in all ways possible”, she added.

After having her first child while pregnant with the second, she found out that her husband was cheating. “My friend who has a cheating husband encouraged me to stay in the marriage. Because by leaving, we lose out the most. I agree. How else can I afford my current lifestyle as a single mother?” the woman wrote.

She added: “I used to spend a modest amount a week. But it has since blown up to a few dozen k a week. I would visit mbs every week and buy outfits after outfits from the shops. During the starting of covid when everyone’s pockets are tight and friends are losing jobs, I was buying luxury watches and $2000 slippers in a few colors and tossing them out after the season is over. The more I spend, the more he didn’t stop me. I admit I spend to numb myself. It’s much better than the money going to some other woman”.

She wrote that she loved money and while her marriage did not turn out the way she wanted, she will accept it this way. “When I think about the other women, it still pains me. A Chanel jacket can numb the pain momentarily before I seek another purchase”, the woman wrote. She added that she did not want her children to go through the same thing she did and felt that she was trapped because she was too used to money.

Netizens told her to stop wasting money on things she did not need and asked her to save up or invest for their future.

Here’s what they said: