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Four men punch up among Kopitiam patrons in Taman Jurong, one man badly victimised

One of them remained pinned to the ground while the others were repeatedly kicking him




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Singapore – On March 3 (Sunday), a fight broke out among four men at a coffee shop in leading to one of the men being hit by the others while being pinned to the ground.

Video footage of the incident is currently trending on various social media platforms. It starts with the men engaged in a surrounded by other customers and bystanders.

The fight moved down the steps of the establishment and caused three of the four men to fall. While a bystander was lending the uncle in a dark pink shirt a hand, the other three kept on kicking and slapping each other.

One of the men who was wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts was seen lying flat on the ground while the other two continued to hurt him. The same bystander in a black shirt stepped in and stopped them.

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The video ended with the man still on the ground.

According to the , they were alerted to a of voluntary causing hurt at 101 Yung Sheng at 7:19 . The 52-year-old man who had been identified was conscious and brought to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

The police are investigating the incident, with the cause of the fight still unknown.

According to the coffee shop owner, the four men were regular customers and would even share meals.

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On that particular day, they had just arrived at the coffee shop and had not even ordered yet, when the fight broke out.

The owner added that two of their employees helped in breaking the men away from each to stop the fight.

Watch the full video below:

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