By: Ashwini Thanabalan

Brandon Wade is the founder of a series of sugar daddy websites pairing the rich with the willing.

Brandon Wade is also a Singaporean-born Chinese (now an American) who founded these websites. Is this the what happens when you are born in Singapore and have a hard time approaching girls?

Here is the vice video showcasing him and his success. The video also showcases his sugar baby, Jenna Houston.

These Sugar Babies Are Making Money Off Wealthy Men

Meet the founder of Seeking Arrangement, a popular dating site that connects sugar daddies with sugar babies.

Posted by VICE on Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Wade was a former St Andrew’s Secondary and Hwa Chong Junior College student whose age has been listed as between 46 and 47.

Residing in the United States, he is the founder of, his biggest site, that pairs sugar daddies with sugar babies.

He has been accused of numerous things, some of which include how his business ventures are fronts for social escort services. Wade has conscientiously defended himself stating that many checks have been done to kick out prostitutes who register to his website.

In 2015, is said to have 4.5million active members. Of this number, 1,200 men and 700 women were from Singapore.

A nerd in the past, now a millionaire with a hot sugar baby, Wade is truly an inspiration for all nerds to become someone big in life.