Home News Former Grab driver rates himself 5 stars using passenger's lost phone

Former Grab driver rates himself 5 stars using passenger’s lost phone

After doing so he threw away the phone at a petrol station. When he was interviewed by Grab about the incident, Ng lied and said he did not find any phone in his car




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A former Grab driver was charged and fined S$5,000 for several incidents of harassment and computer misuse.

On Sept 9, 2017, Alvin Ng Liang Dong (32) used his passenger’s phone to give himself a five star rating on the Grab app.

The female passenger (28) reportedly forgot her mobile phone in Ng’s car. When she got home and realised her phone was missing, she checked Grab and noticed what Ng did.

The passenger filed a report to Grab and to the police about the incident.

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Ng said he considered returning the phone to the passenger, but did not want to drive all the way to Grab’s office in Sin Ming.

He said the company would not compensate him for the drive to the Grab office if he returned the lost phone.

After he gave himself a five-star rating, he threw away the phone at a petrol station.

When he was interviewed by Grab about the incident, Ng lied and said he did not find any phone in his car.

He later admitted that he threw it away because of his “laziness and bad planning,” according to an initial report by Today.

Ng also seems to have a habit of leaving bad reviews for services.

He got into an altercation with a Caltex petrol station cashier (56) over a discount.

Ng wanted to get a 20 percent discount on his purchase, but the cashier said she could not process the discount using only a screenshot from Ng’s phone.

They argued, and Ng eventually paid. However, he threw a metal sign at the counter before he drove away.

Not satisfied with his fit of rage, Ng wrote an offensive Facebook post about the cashier who was featured on Caltex Singapore’s Facebook page for her excellent customer service.

Ng shared the cashier’s photo and wrote a caption saying ““Bro, I scold this b***h cashier Tmr I attend court coz her friend. Still can get star of the Month Award my FOOT. Caltex BLIND.”

He said he acted out of anger because the cashier was reportedly “saying words about (his) upbringing.”

Ng pleaded guilty to three charges under the Protection from Harassment Act and the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act.

He was fined S$5,000 and also needs to pay S$500 to compensate for the customer’s stolen phone./TISG

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