Singapore – A GrabFood delivery rider took to social media to share how a customer who had waited almost an hour for her meal, which spilt to the ground during transit, still tipped the rider for his service.

On Wednesday (Nov 11), Facebook user Edmund Se shared a heartwarming experience to a Facebook group for GrabFood riders in Singapore. The post has also been circulating on various publication sites, garnering a positive reaction from the online community.

“I’ve always been very careful when delivering the food, but I never thought I would have such a day,” said Mr Se. He explained that while he was delivering the ramen order while on a bicycle, some of the soup spilled to the bottom of the paper bag.

When he lifted the bag upon arriving at the destination, the heavy contents fell through the bottom of the paper bag, which was softened by the spilt soup.

“I immediately apologised to the customer, and asked, ‘Can I go back to the stall and get a new one for you?'” wrote Mr Se. “I originally thought the customer would be angry because she has waited for the food for about 45 minutes and then I show her the food like this.” He attached a photo of the spilt order from Takagi Ramen.

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Photo: FB screengrab/GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore

Mr Se described the conversation that followed:
Customer: It’s okay; I know you guys is very tough in doing this job.
Mr Se: I’m really sorry, can I pay back you cash?
Customer: It really doesn’t matter, and you don’t need to feel guilty or blame yourself. (Not only she wasn’t angry, yet she still console me).
Mr Se: I’m so sorry, thank you. (Leaves with a guilty mood).

“What made me even more unexpected was that after I finished the next order, I realised that she still gave me a tip of S$5 in the app.”

Mr Se mentioned that the customer was “really nice, kind and considerate.” He considered himself very lucky to meet such a lady. The delivery rider thanked her for the gesture and added the message, “Be nice to everyone. Feel and care for others.”

In response to the story which went viral, Takagi Ramen has reached out to both Mr Se and the customer to reward them for their kind deeds.

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Takagi Ramen’s statement reads:

So heartened to hear about this positivity and kindness from both our customer and Grab rider!

We have reached out to the rider involved to treat him to a movie as a token of our appreciation for going the extra-mile with his service.

As for the customer, we don’t have your details but if you are reading this message, please PM us! We want to personally deliver you another meal to make up for the meal you missed out on due to this.

It’s small acts of kindness and empathy like this that really makes the world a happier place. Thank you for being such awesome people!

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ByHana O