Singapore – A member of the public took to social media to complain about the missing chilli packet in a FoodPanda order and the unprofessional response received by customer support. The complaint sparked backlash among netizens, regardless of the humanitarian motives expressed.

On Thursday (Nov 5), Facebook user Mumtaz Khan shared a post on Complaint Singapore‘s page regarding her experience with the food delivery service. The incident allegedly occurred on Nov 4, involving FoodPanda personnel.

Ms Khan had indicated on her order that she wanted her roasted chicken rice to consist of wings and be delivered with an extra packet of chilli. To ensure her special instructions were confirmed, she messaged customer service to finalize her request.

The food arrived on time yet was missing the chilli packet. Ms Khan then lodged a complaint to FoodPanda. She was given a S$4 voucher for the mistake. “But I’m calling to cancel my order because I wanted my extra packet of chilli and had done all that I can to ensure that it was followed,” wrote Ms Khan.

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“This was the part that made me really angry,” said Ms Khan. “The customer service actually told me that I should be glad that I got S$4 as compensation since the choice of chicken wing was not free.” She explained that there was no extra charge for certain parts except for drumstick.

“Secondly, the issue here was my extra chilli, not my chicken,” said Ms Khan. “If there’s any FoodPanda executive reading this, please reach out to me. Your personnel who answered my query was very unprofessional and rude,” she added.

Ms Khan noted that the order was for an elderly neighbour who didn’t know how to order online and asked her for assistance. “In order not to disappoint her, I drove to get the extra packet of chilli for her,” said the unsatisfied customer.

“It’s not about the compensation; it would have been great if there’s a total refund because I was about to reorder – but (it is) the total lack of disregard for (the) customer that really angers me,” Ms Khan explained. The order was S$9.80, including the delivery fee.


“FoodPanda, you’ve got a great delivery platform – don’t let your incompetent staff spoil it for you,” said Ms Khan at the end of her post.

The post has over 390 comments to date, with many from the online community urging Ms Khan not to blow the issue out of proportion. “Don’t make people’s lives difficult because of that additional packet of chilli,” Facebook user Katie Poh advised. “As clearly stated by you, everyone here (online community) knows your kind intention for the elderly neighbour you are helping. But I really don’t see the reason you going all out for this?”

Many added that Ms Khan was finding fault at the wrong party. “FoodPanda delivery personnel won’t know such special orders. Only the vendor knew,” commented Facebook user Wallace Ong. “It’s not FoodPanda’s fault in any way. In fact, you got lucky with the voucher.”

Others mentioned they have tried requesting for extra chilli packets with their orders but these were usually missing when delivered. They suggested keeping a container of chilli at home for such instances.

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Facebook user Selina Mohamed highlighted that the number of customer complaints is on the increase, with many vendors operating through delivery amid the pandemic. “Have some sympathy for the number of complaints the customer service has to handle every day.”

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ByHana O