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Rude clay pot rice hawker draws netizens ire

"When I asked for four bowls, the seller scolded 'you ordered two portions only, I give you two bowls and utensils. How you eat is none of my business,'" complained Iv Enn.




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Singapore – A member of the public took to social media to share his family’s experience with a serving that refused their request for extra bowls. The post sparked a lengthy online discussion regarding such practices.

“I never see such unreasonable ,” wrote Facebook user Iv Enn on Wednesday (Nov 4) at Complaint Singapore‘s page. The mother of three took her kids out for a quick lunch at a popular hawker stall serving clay pot rice at the Golden Mile Food Centre located at 505 Beach Road.

Ms Enn had ordered two portions of the chicken rice from Claypot Rice stall which she planned to share with her family. “When I asked for four bowls, the seller scolded ‘you ordered two portions only, I give you two bowls and utensils. How you eat is none of my business,'” said Ms Enn. “I think such unreasonable and inconsiderate attitude should be condemned. Angsty uncle!” she added, regretting the decision to try the hawker speciality.

With over 275 comments to date, members from the online community were quick to share their experience with the hawker stall. It appears that this was not the first time customers had an issue with the stall owner.

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Facebook user Eunice Eric recently patronised the stall and also had an unpleasant time. His sister had allegedly waited in line for 40 minutes after being told that the waiting time for orders would take approximately an hour. “We were totally fine with it, but halfway through the queue, stall owner said he had overwhelming phone orders so he couldn’t take her orders anymore,” said Mr Eric. “I need to add on that he said that with a rude, cant-be-bothered attitude! Forty minutes of queuing for nothing.”

Others found Ms Enn’s request to be reasonable as one adult-sized portion would be too much for a child. “Sometimes, people just don’t feel for others,” commented Facebook user Paey Thong. “Maybe you can just give them 10 cents for washing the extra two bowls? Also, there are other friendly stall owners that would understand your situation.”

“That’s the problem with many hawkers, once they’re famous and busy, they get complacent and arrogant,” Facebook user Simon Choo observed. “I mean, he could have thought about the kids there and gave the extra bowls,” added another netizen.

Still, some sympathised with the stall owner, noting it would incur extra costs to provide additional bowls beyond a customer’s order. There is also a sign posted at the front which says “We do not provide extra bowl. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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