Fish Leong is dating again

“I’m looking forward to a new love life. I hope to find someone who loves sports and leads a healthy lifestyle", she said.




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Malaysian born singer is back in the game following her divorce from wine merchant last year, according to China Press. During a press conference on her upcoming world tour concert on Tuesday, the 42-year-old revealed that she visited Lungshan Temple in Taipei recently to seek ‘advice’ from the god of matchmaking (yue lao) on her love life. The singer said she received an amulet from the temple hoping that it would bring her luck.

When Leong was asked if it had results, she responded that she was dating somebody and everything has gone well so far.

“We have gone out for a date and coffee. But we have not gone into a steady relationship yet.

“I’m looking forward to a new love life. I hope to find someone who loves sports and leads a healthy lifestyle.

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“But I will not tolerate someone who is not punctual, ” she added.

Fish Leong divorced on December last year. Picture: Instagram

The Taiwan-based singer said she had depression following her divorce but saw psychology experts to help her recover from the incident. Leong married Tony Chao in Boracay in the Philippines in February 2010. They have a six-year-old son named Anderson.

Fish Leong thinks the ‘world is still beautiful’ despite her recent divorce.

She was performing at Nuannuan Elementary School in Keelung, Taiwan when she spoke to the media for the first time after her divorce was finalised last year.

Leong shared that her heart is full of warmth and she hopes to maintain the pureness of a child. She also said she intents to stay upbeat after her marital hiccup.

Straits Times quoted China Press as saying that singing in a school hall brought back warm memories of Leong’s younger days, as she used to take part in school choirs and singing contests.

In 2010, she married businessman Tony Chao and it was rumoured earlier in 2019 that Leong was unhappy with his alleged extramarital affairs.

On December 2, Leong and Chao’s marriage officially ended.

The signing of divorce papers was on August 15.

Chao shot down the rumours, saying that it was common for couples to argue.

In September, Leong admitted during an event that her marriage had ended.

Chao was spotted at the home of single mother Lin Yijie and he also spent time with her and Taiwanese celebrity Demi Lin in Singapore.

The wine merchant was seen holding hands with Yijie in Taiwan.

Leong and Chao were married for nine years and they share the custody of Anderson, their five-year-old son.

The couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in the Maldives back in February.

Leong and Chao first met when they were introduced by her manager. /TISG

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