Fans and haters usually voice their opinions when they see something they like or don’t like on social media about their favourite celebrities. Social media often transforms into a battleground, where discussions range from politics to even sci-fi fandom rivalries. Recently, a skirmish unfolded between Taylor Swift’s fanbase, “Swifties,” and detractors over a peculiar mark on Travis Kelce’s neck.

Swift’s devoted followers meticulously track her life, extending scrutiny to Kelce since their relationship began. When fans spotted what seemed like a mark on Kelce’s neck, immediately labeled a hickey, “Swifties” erupted with surprise, lauding the apparent passion between the couple.

Photo: Instagram/Taylor Swift

Fans and haters on Kelce

Comments like “A mark on Travis’ neck!” and “Taylor left a hickey on Travis?!” flooded in, with some speculating on the nature of the mark: “So @tkelce got to 2nd base,” or humorously pondering, “Did Tay get a bit wild or just a neck pinch?”

Even commentator Pat McAfee weighed in, musing on his podcast about the potential hickey and Swift and Kielce having a good time.

Mark could be game-related

As expected with high-profile figures, criticism arose, branding the act as “trashy” and casting judgment on Swift’s age and relationship history. Amidst the chaos, some defended Kelce, suggesting the mark might be a game-related scrape, common among football players due to shoulder pad friction.

Despite explanations surfacing about sports-related origins, the debate rages on between fans and detractors. Meanwhile, Swift and Kielce continue to bask in the spotlight of one of the most talked-about relationships in recent memory.

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