The following is a letter sent to us by our reader Karpenter Xiaoyi.

This is the kind of rich wealthy tourists Singapore welcomes. A bunch of them with their FT friends in Singapore’s Chinatown foodcourt.

This happened yesterday (14 Sep) at about 12.00pm, and there were about 20 of them. – all of them non-locals. They do not seem to be from China, because the language they spoke does not sound Chinese, nor Thai or Bahasa Melayu. Most likely they are Vietnamese or Indonesians.

They were talking about F1 Singapore. They cheered as (what appeared to be) F1 advisory and tickets were distributed to them.

This was my opinion of these tourists:

  • Very bad upbringing of these wealthy people.
  • They exhibited socially unacceptable behaviour.
  • They disgraced their own country by their behaviour.
  • They were very irresponsible because the tables are common properties where people ate food.
  • They didn’t care that others were looking at them with disdain for their behaviour.

I hope tourists who visit Singapore will be more mindful of our local social norms.

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