Ms Anthea Ong, a former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) for the 13th Parliament of Singapore, took to Facebook in response to rooster trapping operations in Marine Crescent.

She wrote on Sunday (Sept 11) that she “wants to know who in her estate went to tell on these roosters simply minding their own business!”

Posting a screenshot of a notice from the Marine Parade Town Council announcing the operations, which are being carried out “to address the wild rooster-related nuisances in the estate and to provide a clean and hygienic environment.”

Ms Ong, an entrepreneur and social advocate, appears to be against the operations, writing that she has enjoyed the sounds that roosters make.

“These fowl friends have been providing her and her neighbourhood with the charming cock-a-doodle-do along with the songs of the birds, with the rise of the sun every morning.

Yes, the closest semblance one has in this metropolis of idyllic living but also of biodiversity and wellbeing (a study she posted once said your mental wellbeing is greatly enhanced if you are exposed to the sounds of more than 6 species of birds!).”

On a playful note, she added that the operations “better not be to tackle the already-lifted chicken ban issue nor keep the grounds “clean” for some outdated playbook of sterile asepsis (free from biological contaminants). #wahlao #whyliddat

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The Marine Parade Town Council added in its notice that it was advising residents to refrain from feeding wild roosters or chickens because this could cause the population of these animals to surge. Additionally, the leftovers from the food in common areas given to wild animals would attract pests.

“Please note that under the Wildlife Act, feeding or releasing of any wildlife is illegal,” the Town Council added.

Commenters on Ms Ong’s post appeared to be in agreement with her.

One commenter, Forest School Singapore, even offered to “Come to Marine Parade to Help in the Education of the Residents (who need) and Town Councils (who needs) on Nature, Wildlife, Connection and Living with the Environment.”


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