SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper who was worried she would be deported because she had not registered her fingerprints with the Manpower Ministry (MOM) took to social media asking for advice.

She wrote in an anonymous post to a support group that she was in her employer’s house for over a month, “and up to this day I haven’t done thumbprint”. She added that she did not have a Work Permit (WP) either.

“Recently,my employer asked me if I am done processing with my permit….I am confused coz I thought it’s their responsibility as employer”, the maid wrote. Her employer also told her to ask her agent for an update on the matter. To this, the agent told her that she would be doing it soon.

“almost 2 months…I’m afraid MOM will send me back home…any advice..Thank you so much”, the maid wrote.

Netizens who commented on the post asked her if she was a direct hire, or if she was transferred within Singapore. If she was a transfer helper she did not have to register her fingerprints. However, the maid said that after her contract ended, she went back to the Philippines and reapplied to come to Singapore.

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According to the MOM website, a maid has to register her fingerprints and photo:

“When: Within 1 week after pass is issued (if required)

Check the Temporary Work Permit for whether your helper needs to register her fingerprints and photo at MOM Services Centre – Hall C. If it is required, your helper needs to register within 1 week of issuing the Work Permit.

You must make an appointment for your helper to register. It is optional for you to accompany your helper for the appointment”.

She would receive her Work Permit card within five working days after registration or document verification. /TISG