Mr Kenneth Foo Seck Guan has recently shone the spotlight on Chua Eng Leong , a prominent member of the People’s Action Party (PAP) and a candidate in the previous General Election. Despite a narrow defeat, Eng Leong has remained an active participant in his community, engaging in a Chinese New Year celebration with residents in Aljunied GRC.
Eng Leong, a distinguished private banker, was part of a team that contested in the five-member Group Representation Constituency (GRC) in Aljunied. The race was tight, with Eng Leong’s team falling short by a mere 1 percent to the opposing Workers’ Party. This setback, however, did not deter Eng Leong from maintaining his active involvement in the community.

Currently, he holds a position as a Grassroots Adviser for the constituency, a role which empowers him and other PAP members with access to significant funding earmarked for enhancing the constituency and enriching the lives of its residents.
Kenneth, the person responsible for sharing the photograph of Eng Leong, also used this opportunity to clarify why he decided to join the opposition party. His explanation highlights the complexities of political alliances:

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“Some people asked why I join WP? Because I hate PAP? No, it’s just because I don’t agree with many of their actions. This photo is the prove of some things I could not agree with them. Loser continue to campaign under the flag of PA using taxpayers money? $555.34 million allocated to PA for 2015. I will never regret my move. 行得直,坐的正,何以畏惧。”

By highlighting Eng Leong’s continuous public service despite electoral defeat, Kenneth underscores the complex dynamics of Singapore’s political landscape. It’s a world where electoral outcomes do not necessarily mark the end of one’s public service, especially for tenacious individuals like Eng Leong.

Some people asked why I join WP? Because I hate PAP? No, it’s just because I don’t agree with many of their actions….

Posted by 符策涫 Foo Seck Guan Kenneth on Friday, 26 February 2016