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Elderly lady who can barely walk wipes tables at a hawker centre and works as a cleaner




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It is almost a weekly affair where Singaporeans point out frail and old men and women doing meanial, labour-intensive tasks, when at their ages, they should be resting and under care. Yesterday, another photo of an old lady, whose back was very hunched, circulated on social media and whatsapp messenger.

The photo was shared by netizen Carl Nunes, and it received 623 reactions and almost 120 comments.

In his caption he wrote, “It really angers me to see such pain and suffering inflicted upon our poor, needy and elderly citizens ignored”.

He added, “There is NO country on this Earth where the elderly citizens who can barely walk and breathe well having to WORK just so that THEY can be alive FOR ANOTHER DAY. SINGAPORE …only”.

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Many netizens took to criticize that the old lady was not given enough aid and that as a result she had to work jobs like these.


However, things took a turn in the comments section.

One netizen, Ghisella Putri Anidha said, “Please la why all those busy body always make the wrong news ha, this ahma stay near my block then she everyday work as a cleaner at telok blangah crescent hawker centre. She even talk to me and my ahma recently”.

“She told me if she stay at home she very boring even her own children don’t know she do this job. She want to do this job is not because of the children don’t care about her, all old people here even my grandma she can’t just stay at home while watching TV, they always want to do something even all the children always give money but old people think always want to work. So please before know the true story don’t judge anyhow especially kepo people always post anyhow”, Ghisella wrote.

TISG has reached out to both Ghisella and Carl Nunes for comment.



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