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Elderly man who wanted one particular seat on the bus, uses ageism as a means to get the seat

"Uncle pulls out the old people card and says, 'no, I want this seat. You all young people can sit anywhere," posted the Reddit user on his experience




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Singapore –  On July 19, an “Incident with Uncle on Bus” was shared on Reddit of the involving a spat between commuters.

u/hiddenhusky “thought it would be a nice story to share for everyone’s amusement.” It was also his way to vent.

He was typing out the experience as it happened.

“Boarded bus 960 with two of my other friends and decided to go to the back of the bus as it was the only available space where the three of us could sit together,” started u/hiddenhusky.

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He shared that he got the middle seat, which had a seatbelt, and “all was well.”

He also noted that the bus was pretty empty, with vacant seats scattered throughout.

After a few stops, in comes an uncle in his late fifties, based on u/hiddenhusky’s observations.

“Uncle walks directly up to me and points, saying ‘I want this seat. Can I have this seat?”

The Reddit user was puzzled and tried to inform the uncle that there were other vacant seats on the bus.

“Uncle pulls out the old people card and says, ‘no, I want this seat. You all young people can sit anywhere.'”

The uncle gave his reason for wanting that particular seat – “It was the most comfortable.”

Things started heating up at that point.

“This guy ah, don’t know English is it?” asked the uncle. “I want this seat.”

u/hiddenshusky, however, stood up and gave up his seat. “I don’t know what came to me, but I left my seat offering this uncle the chance to wedge himself between my two friends.”

“Feeling frustrated, I muttered, ‘ people…'” he wrote.

Unfortunately, the uncle heard the comment and got triggered.

He left the seat, knelt down in front of the guy who just gave up his place for him and started begging mockingly.

“He proceeded back to his seat and is currently ranting about young people these days,” shared u/hiddenhusky.

Redditors gave their two-cents on the incident, with some giving some advice on how to handle the when they act all , while others shared their personal experiences.

u/ybct commented, “Start saying very loudly “YOU CAN SEE GOT SO MANY SEATS ALREADY YOU WANT MY SEAT, SIAO AH,” let him be the ones who’s embarrassed.”

u/hiddenhusky, however, was more passive and given how things can quickly end up in social media, chose to let things pass.

Photo: Reddit screengrab

u/shibefairy shared an experience with an entitled elderly on the MRT below:

Photo: Reddit screengrab

Then there was this incident of a middle-aged lady vs old lady as recalled by u/makerustgreat.

Photo: Reddit screengrab

Meanwhile, another Redditor poked some fun on the situation.

Photo: Reddit screengrab


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