Lifestyle DINKs & DINKWADs: Is this the new Singaporean dream?

DINKs & DINKWADs: Is this the new Singaporean dream?

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"To people who are DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) & DINKWADs (Dual Income, No Kids with a Dog) who are (40s/50s), do you regret not having kids?" a Singaporean asks

SINGAPORE: Increasingly, Singaporeans are redefining the traditional path to parenthood and prefer being DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) and DINKWADs (Dual Income, No Kids with a Dog) instead.

A man in his early 30s noticed this and shared: “So, as someone who is in his early 30s with a second kiddo on the way, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of my peers/people my age are actively choosing not to have kids and want to live a DINK life. Alternatively, a lot of them also choose to get dogs instead of kids. Essentially, turning into DINKWADs.” Curious, he asked: “This leads me to think, is this the new Singaporean dream?”

He continued addressing DINKs and DINKWADs asking, “To DINKs/DINKWADs who are older (40s/50s), do you all regret not having kids? If you did end up having kids, did you regret not having them sooner?”

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Redditor meowinbox shared: “Dinkwad is gonna live in my head rent free from now on. Long time no see, how are you?. ‘I’m a dinkwad now’.”

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anangrypudge, possibly a cat-lover chimed in saying, “Don’t forget the Dinkwacs!”, pertaining to cats instead of dogs.

Another answered addressing the question of the Redditor who posted saying, “SINK(Single Income No Kids) here. 50 this year. Wife has some health issue so not working. No regrets. As for what happen to us when we r old, now writing a Will & preparing a LPA form 2.”

‘Self-aware’, silentscope90210 added: “I don’t even have enough time for myself. How to have enough time for kids?”

Yahoo Southeast Asia conducted interviews with young millennials and Gen Zs to know why they prefer not to have kids.

Some answered they are already stretched budgeting as is, what more if there’s a kid involved. Another, named Sarah, talked about the already difficult work-life balance and shared ‘concerns over her ability to balance work while caring for a child’. While others just wanted some financial freedom to travel.

While some focus on the costs of having a kid, some are honest that they’re ‘not emotionally prepared to have a kid.’ One said: “I can’t stand being in the same room as a crying child, let alone be with one that I can’t return. I’m not going to be a great mother and that won’t be fair for the child.”

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Another who was interviewed named Roland added, “The huge responsibility of raising children properly is a concern that I feel many people do not recognise. Bad parenting can contribute to bad children.”

Roland added, “I think if new parents are able to find the resources, time and external support to know how to raise their children properly, or to the best of their abilities, more couples would be willing to try to start families. I’m not exactly sure what sort of support young parents can get where I am now.”

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Guidance and support can empower young Singaporeans to decide whether parenthood fits their future plans.

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