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SINGAPORE: Has the impact of inflation extended to haircuts as well? One Singaporean was left scratching his head when he found out that his usual S$12 haircut now costs S$14.

Redditor u/merlion_sg asked, “1% increase in GST somehow become $2 increase for kcuts??? Before 2024, Kcuts charges S$12 per haircut. Now 2024, Kcuts charges S$14 per haircut. Garment increase 1% in GST, why Kcuts increase by 15%??”

u/Prestigious-Toe8622 weighed in, stating, “Cost will never go down. Your only choice is to make money.” A sentiment echoed by others who suggested alternatives, such as u/Mikisstuff, who gave quite practical advice, “Or buy clippers.”

However, some Redditors shared that this price surge wasn’t a sudden revelation. u/Zealousideal-Buy530 commented, “Really? Kcuts at Tai Seng has been charging $14 since last year at least.”

u/Luckycutting chimed in saying, “I don’t know where yours is, but the one at my mall has been $14 for a very long time already.”

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u/freshcheesepie pointed out, “Some outlets are in high demand. In my area, they’re charging $15 now.”

Another Redditor, u/Efficient_Deer_8605, added humorously, “The machine only accepts $2 notes, so they had to raise it by $2, lol.” MangoBelgianMoon, also jokingly added a play on words, “K-Cuts: We cut your hair, not our prices.”

One netizen offered advice that “there are shops that cut your hair for three dollars.”

While many in the comments section responded in quite a chill manner and focused on the price of the haircut, u/Adept1onReddit pointed out a different perspective stating, “Singaporeans always act like places are not allowed to increase their prices. Do you think K-Cut’s costs have remained the same? Should they just make less profit?”

Kcuts’ website states haircuts can cost anywhere between $10 and $15.

But, how can you save from haircut spending?

Tips for Saving in the Salon Chair

If you’re feeling the pinch from rising haircut costs, consider these tips to keep your mane in check without breaking the bank:

  1. DIY haircuts: If you’re feeling adventurous, investing in a good pair of clippers (as advised by Mikisstuff) can save you a significant amount over time.
  2. Check budget-friendly salons: Not all salons come with a hefty price tag. Research and discover local establishments that offer quality cuts at more affordable rates.
  3. Look for promotions and discounts: Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions or discounts offered by salons. Many establishments provide special rates during certain times of the year.
  4. Try longer hair for “longer”: Stretching out the time between haircuts can significantly reduce your annual spending on salon visits. Opt for a style that grows out gracefully.
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