SINGAPORE: In the wake of personal setbacks exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, one resilient woman has opened up about her extreme methods to save up for the next year, rebuild her life, and secure her financial future. Despite facing a brutal retrenchment during the pandemic without any severance package, she embarked on a journey of self-improvement, determined to turn her life around.

Speaking about her ordeal, she added, “After Covid, I tried to save up but unfortunately I got a major illness and almost lost my life. So incurred little tickets of medical bills along the way. I only managed to pay off the bills this month. (Got a bad SME boss who even tried not to pay my salaries for months when I was bedridden).

Despite feeling grateful after recovery, she shared that she feels like she has failed; she explained, “I feel like a major failure. I am so upset, yet at the same time, I am grateful that I am alive (sort of, I am trying my best to recover)… Now I really need to save for housing. My salary is 4000 after CPF, so it is a bit tight.”

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Trying to be optimistic despite life being tough, she shared a list of ‘methods’ to save up while asking for recommendations on social media:

  1. Home cook light food like cold pasta, boiled eggs, and veggies to bring to work. This will save a tonne. Cut out BBT and just drink plain water.

  2. Switch all hobbies to overseas online lessons. Probably will only keep my gym card in SG.

  3. No clothes, no makeup, no purchases for the next 1 year.

  4. Defer my Master’s education and certs, and study on Udemy instead.

  5. No overseas trips (actually have been doing this since Covid).

Redditor LCH2000 shared that he thinks the plan she had was okay but suggested a few additional considerations like using meal prepping to have more food variety, making use of a microwave to keep the food warm, keeping a water bottle always, staying healthy by working out at home or in a park, while making sure to indulge occasionally, suggesting Carousell as a good platform to shop from for clothing.

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Other Redditors emphasized self-care, noting that cutting out hobbies is an entirely drastic thing to consider. r1psmoka mentioned that not having debts is a good position to be in while adding, “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Remember that setting goals isn’t bad; success should not be equated solely with reaching a specific figure.