SINGAPORE: Amid escalating prices and soaring living expenses, one Reddit user asked on social media “Any tips for frugal living when everything of prices and cost of living is rising up?”

“Mine is probably diluting soap bottles with water, goes a long way,” he added. Singaporeans, in the comments, also shared their tips for frugal living.

Here’s a roundup of some practical advice they shared:

1. Food

Cooking your meals at home can be a game-changer. Not only is it cheaper, but it also packs a nutritional punch compared to pricey takeaways.

Avoid side dishes and drinks when dining out; they often offer little nutrition and can unnecessarily dent your wallet.

When ordering food delivery for the family, consider cooking your own rice instead of forking out extra cash.

Also, as one Reddit user shared, “$8 gets you a tiny slice of salmon at the food court compared to a nice big piece from the supermarket/wet market.”

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2. Transportation

Opt for public transport over taxis or ride-hailing services when “not in a hurry or too tired.”

Take advantage of transfer options within the public transport system to avoid double payments. Every little saving on transportation can add up significantly over time.

3. Mobile and Internet

Consider sharing a phone plan with family members to reduce costs. Opt for previous releases rather than the latest models for gadgets to save money. And don’t overlook the value of comparing internet plans to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

4. Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB)

Reduce waste and save money by bringing your own bags and containers when shopping. This simple habit can contribute to significant savings over time.

5. Supplies and Toiletries

Opt for bar soap over liquid versions, which tend to be pricier. Similarly, choose detergent powder instead of liquid to get more value for your money; as another Reddit user said, “You’re paying for the water.”

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6. Utilities

Cut utility costs by using a timer to regulate air conditioning usage and opting for energy-saving settings whenever possible.

7. Mindful Spending

Exercise gratitude for what you have, and focus on buying only what you truly need. Cultivating a sense of thankfulness can help curb the urge to splurge on unnecessary items. Additionally, incorporating more exercise into your routine can help combat addictions and promote a healthier lifestyle.

8. Smart Shopping

Explore heartland supermarkets for more affordable options and consider buying secondhand goods, especially for items you won’t use frequently.

Take advantage of library resources instead of purchasing new books, and embrace the simplicity of rotating a few staple dishes in your meal plans to save on food expenses.

9. Tech Savvy Saving

Maximise savings by utilising coupon and cashback sites, and don’t feel pressured to upgrade your phone every year. Instead, focus on maintaining your device and exploring family plans to share subscriptions and further reduce expenses.

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By implementing these practical tips and adopting a mindful approach to spending, Singaporeans can face the challenges of rising costs more easily while maintaining financial stability.

But just remember, as one Reddit user said, “Frugality does not mean going for the cheapest but getting the most value for your money.”

Beyond all these tips, there is one more reminder from another Reddit user: ”Most importantly, get a better paying job.”/TISG

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