SINGAPORE: A delivery rider recently clapped back on customers who complain of the speed that delivery riders take while out on a delivery run, saying they are oftentimes the same people who complain that their food delivery takes too long.

“Have you ever encountered people who complain about us, delivery riders, allegedly exceeding the speed limit on our motorbikes or e-bikes during our delivery runs?” This was the question a delivery rider anonymously posted on an online group called (Singapore) All grab driver/grab food rider united.

“At the same time, this very same group of people expects us to deliver their food within a specific time frame?” the post read. “And they wouldn’t budge, even if we explain to them that the delay is due to the assigned merchant having an overwhelming number of incoming orders that we must wait for or because we cannot exceed the speed limit of our motorbikes and e-bikes.”

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The post written on Monday (Jan 1) tackled a different perspective on complaints about delivery riders. It gave people a glimpse of the experience of delivery riders, contrasting them with the expectations and demands of customers.

“Otherwise, especially for the latter, we risk getting caught by the authorities, or some road users who happened to witness it might upload a clip of us disobeying traffic rules for the sake of fulfilling the customer’s expectations on social media.

Additionally, they often complain to the delivery app customer service, seeking to get warnings or even having our delivery app accounts banned if we fail to meet their delivery expectations.”

The writer also took the opportunity to reach out to others in the community to ask for advice on dealing with such double standards.

“If given the opportunity to speak to them, how would you address such contradictions upheld by people like this?” the post read. “What advice would you give them?”

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A handful responded to the rider’s post with suggestions of their own.

“Just say, ‘My safety is my priority,'” suggested one.

A second, also a delivery rider, pointed out, “Our job is to deliver food, not deliver our life.”

“Most of the time those speeding are for self-interest, they want faster complete orders and get the next,” wrote a third.

“Especially those (that) come out in the middle of the night with their PMDs. Just don’t break the law, you(‘ll) be fine, so no excuses.

As for the customer(‘s) side, normally just explain (the) waiting time at merchant problem, traffic problem, Grab assign(ing) more than one order and (you) have to follow… Customers can’t do anything but agree…”