A birthday celebrant became the target of racist remarks and getting called “stupid” after a Grab delivery rider couldn’t locate his address. The netizen took to Facebook on Thursday (Dec 8) to share what happened, saying it was his birthday and a friend got him cupcakes which would be delivered to his home.

“It was a surprise for me, but I indeed got a surprise,” said the Facebook user who witnessed the Grab delivery rider throwing the box of cupcakes onto his shoe rack table outside the HDB unit. The Grab delivery rider allegedly said, “Stupid Indian, rude keling people, don’t know how to answer phone call.”

“I was stunned as this cupcake was a surprise to me, so I asked her, ‘What’s the issue?’ She went on hurling vulgarities and racist remarks as she walked past my corridor.”

The netizen added that his neighbours heard the commotion and wondered what was happening. He then called his friend who placed the order and was told she missed two calls from the delivery rider before answering the third one.

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“Eh, what’s the unit number, or you come down collect? I got other deliveries to do,” the delivery rider said. His friend repeated the correct address, although it was written in the notes section of the order, thus, leading to the alleged throwing of the food on the shoe rack table.

The birthday celebrant attached a screenshot of the delivery lady’s messages, including the derogatory term “keling.”

Photo: FB screengrab

“I am angered by this, and this is her rice bowl (I believe),” he wrote.

“So, I hope Grab would do something about this, like teaching her how to deliver a service. Even if my friend had not answered the call, the unit number was already mentioned in the notes.”

Photo: FB screengrab

He highlighted that the woman could have complained to Grab directly instead of how she acted with him and his friend.

“I have received delivery from my friend this same way a number of times before and had no issues with it,” he added.

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“If I do not get an apology from her or any updates from Grab, a police report will be made.” He noted that Grab customer support couldn’t help with the issue.

Members from the online community apologised on the rider’s behalf. “She surely doesn’t represent the Malay community. I am truly sorry you had such an experience on your birthday,” commented Facebook user Awi Tokwi.

A Grab representative told MustShare News that it was aware of the incident and apologised for what happened.

“We are looking into this unpleasant incident and have contacted the consumer to apologise. Our delivery-partners can contact us for assistance if they face difficulties completing an order.”

The company doesn’t tolerate displays of vulgar, rude, or inappropriate behaviour from any party on our platform, and those found to have done so will be strictly penalised, the representative added.

A Grab representative also commented on the Facebook post, saying necessary steps would be taken. /TISG

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ByHana O