Singapore — After seeing fruit peels carelessly discarded by another passenger on a bus, a member of the public took to Reddit, a popular social news website and forum, to question why some people act in such an inconsiderate manner.

The netizen posted a photo of the litter left behind in a subreddit known as “r/singapore”. In the photo, fruit peels could be seen lying in the corner of a seat. The fruits appeared to be Long Kong fruits, otherwise known as Langsat, Lanzones, Duku, or Dokong fruits. A bit of remaining flesh could also be seen among the peels.

Other netizens took to the comments section to share their thoughts and comments on the passenger’s inconsiderate behaviour.

A few netizens took the chance to call out those who cut and trim their nails on buses as well as at workplaces.

Photo: Reddit Screengrab

At first, a netizen was convinced that the fruit peels seen in the photograph were actually garlic instead, and were rather confused by the other comments.

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Photo: Reddit Screengrab

Seeing that the fruits were Long Kong fruits, a netizen remarked that the perpetrator was an older person, citing his observation that nobody under the age of forty purchased the fruit.

Photo: Reddit Screengrab

After noticing that Singaporeans generally seem unwilling to confront others who exhibit inconsiderate behaviour, a netizen remarked that Singaporeans seem less confrontational than citizens in other countries. Instead, those in Singapore appear to have a tendency to speak up about the issue online.

In response, another netizen expressed that they previously did try to approach those who acted out. However, a lot of times, those that he confronted would react rudely. “Telling them they are wrong doesn’t wake them up suddenly to do good,” they explained. 

Photo: Reddit Screengrab

You Zi Xuan is an intern at The Independent SG. /TISG