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SINGAPORE: From Sept 17, Digital Token authentication will replace SMS OTP authentication progressively, says DBS.

And to that, an anonymous participant of Complaint Singapore shared, “Good news for scammers hacking phones!!!”

Facebook post about DBS upgrade to digital token authentication
Photo: Facebook / Complaint Singapore

So, how is digital authentication better than our familiar SMS OTP?

DBS is changing the way you keep your online transactions secure. They’re saying goodbye to those tricky SMS codes and switching to Digital Token Authentication, making things safer and simpler for you.

More safety for your money

This Digital Token is like a super-secure lock for your online transactions. It uses extra-strong protection with fancy encryption to keep your money safe for online shopping. No matter where you are, your money is in safe hands.

No more passwords to remember

You won’t need to remember those long, confusing OTP codes anymore. Instead, you’ll get a handy message on your DBS Digibank app. Just tap it, and you’re good to go. It’s like magic – making your online shopping smooth and easy.

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Shop with confidence

Even when you’re shopping at special places that need extra security (they call it 3D Secure), DBS has your back. From Sept 17, 2023, they’ll also use Digital Token Authentication there. So, no more headaches trying to remember OTPs. Just tap the message on your Digibank app and enjoy your shopping.

Approve with a simple tap

Authorising your online buys is as easy as tapping a button. When you get the message on your DBS Digital Token, tap it, and your transaction is good to go.

It’s eco-friendly too

Using a Digital Token also helps the planet. DBS phased out physical tokens, requiring customers to use digital tokens to access mobile and digital banking services since April 1, 2021. It means less waste. So, while keeping your money safe, you also do your bit for the environment.

DBS Digital Token Setup
Photo: DBS

Setting up Is easy as 1-2-3

Setting up your DBS Digital Token is a piece of cake. Just make sure your phone number and email are up-to-date. Then, open your Digibank app, find the setup option, and follow the simple steps. Your online transactions will be more secure in no time.

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Remember, there’s a short waiting time of at least 12 hours after setting up your Digital Token to ensure everything is secure. But after that, you’ll enjoy safe and easy online shopping like never before.