SINGAPORE: A woman said that when she and her office mates ordered lunch from McDonald’s, the burgers they ordered were missing from the bag.

Wanting to know what went wrong, she called the Grab rider, who claimed that the fast food giant’s Woodgrove branch only handed over one bag. However, when they called the branch, they were told by the manager that the rider had got the entire order and left for delivery.

In her Monday (Sept 11) post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, Ms Lensi Lin wrote that the manager “kept arguing” that if there are missing items in the order, it’s not McDonald’s fault.

“So i asked ‘him’ if got missing products from the order is it our fault then?

I told him now is not the time to argue who is right or who is wrong, we want to solve the issue and I told him our lunch time is only 40 mins, from 12 to 12.40pm only, please try to be fast to send us the burgers.”

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The manager then asked for 10 more minutes and said he would arrange for a delivery rider to bring the missing burgers.

By 12:10 pm, there was still no delivery.

Ms Lin called the branch again, and the manager said he was waiting for the rider to arrive.

“What the fish.. We only left 30 mins and our lunch time is over, till now there’s still no confirm delivery,” she wrote.

The manager reportedly said again that it was not the fault of McDonald’s, but Ms Lin told him that at that point, they had no interest in assigning blame; they just wanted to eat lunch before they needed to go back to work.

The food finally arrived at 12:53 pm, with one burger still missing.

“Really SpeechlessNice delivery we ever had! Food reached us and lunch time is already over. And the last missing burger reached our office at 1.15pm. Four of us finally received our food but, but no one can munch it down our throat as lunch time already over.”

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Ms Lin then wrote that they were called by another store manager, who told them that the missing burgers were actually in the store, but the rider did not collect them.

She ended her post by writing, “What the fish! Then how come that earlier manager keep arguing with us and say riders already collected the whole order for delivery! McDonald’s – Stop arguing with customers before you get to the bottom on missing orders.”

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Lin and McDonald’s for updates and further comments. /TISG

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