Members of the public have raised concerns regarding UOB bank’s customer service following a social media post on the long queues clients face regularly for everything from fixed deposits to getting a new UOB debit card.

“UOB Bukit Batok Branch. Treating customers like primary school students with their own money,” said a Facebook group member on Sunday (Oct 10).

The netizen noted, “fixed deposit matured, to renewal online is not allowed. Must line up for hours.”

Priority account holders, and wheelchair customers, are all in line for hours, he added.

“Why can’t you make it easier for your customers who are doing business with you?” asked the concerned individual.

It appears this was not the first time such issues were experienced with the bank.

Customers complained about problems changing an ATM card or a UOB debit card.

Facebook user Nemo Mimi said the same thing happened to her at the Jurong Point branch. “Firstly, a guy in the bank gave me the wrong information. Changing a card, I was told, took me 3-4 hours. Tell me to go home first and come back later. Utterly rubbish!”

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“Bukit Batok Central branch many times, suggestion were made but UOB Central branch didn’t bother to even change,” said Facebook user Sidhu Dalbara.

The netizen explained that this was the reason older clients begin queueing as early as 8:20 am.

Another bank client said it took him four hours to change an ATM card at the Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang branch. “The bank should do something to improve. Make us like a monkey wasting time; please look into it and get improve.”

“I think every UOB branch is the same, Ang Mo Kio hub also. Their customer service is getting worse and worse,” said Facebook user Ben Tan who had an issue with calling customer service.

Despite trying for almost a week, the customer couldn’t reach a bank staff and was put on hold during the call. “At the end, give up, hopeless.”

Meanwhile, netizen Michael Pillai pointed out that going digital was also challenging. “You want the bank to make it easier, but most customers don’t know how to do online transactions securely, in the end, fall victim to scammers and blame the bank for making it too easy.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to UOB for a statement and will update the article accordingly. /TISG

ByHana O