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Controversial blogger calls Mahathir ‘rude’ son of Indian immigrant—gets fried on Twitter




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The racial polarisation in Malaysia got another boost with Raja Petra Kamarudin adding more fuel to the already raging fire online.

No stranger to controversy RPK, as he is known, tweeted some nasty stuffs on Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He says there is a difference between the ‘well-bread’ ex-PM Najib Razak and the ‘son of an Indian immigrant like Dr Mahathir, adding the difference is glaring.

But Malaysian Twitter users showed their shock and disgust.

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RPK the difference between Dr Mahathir and Najib is glaring “when you compare how Najib does things. Najib has class while Mahathir is rude. That is why Mahathir is acceptable to Pakatan, whose DAP supporters are also rude.”

The Twitter users were incensed at RPK’s assertion and disgusted at his insinuation about Indian immigrants, some saying he profiled Indians as ‘rude’.

One threw the “rude” epithet right back at him. “Only a rude person make a rude statement like this,” wrote a netizen called Faizah.

Another netizen showed what he or she thought of RPK’s tweet by posting a GIF of a person defecating, with the caption, “For you, RPK…”

Other netizens called him out for pulling out the racism card yet again.

Others called RPK out, or made fun of him, due to the elitism in his tweet

One commenter challenged the blogger to come home to Malaysia and actually help the solve problems at home, since RPK is presently residing in England.

Another wondered how much he got paid for having supported Mr Najib.

The blogger’s comments seemed to have backfired, as some netizens started calling Mr Najib a “well-bred thief”

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