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It seems the topic of blue collar jobs getting paid significantly less than a diversity internship is riling up Americans. Furthermore, many state that firefighters are more important than an intern focusing on diversity. Conservative Americans are stating that this is one of the problems the country is currently facing. 

As it is, there are strong observations that show firefighters are paid significantly less for the job that they’re doing. For the most part, if a fire gets bad, their lives are quite literally at risk. The Guardian states, amidst the blazing summers, Ben McLane, a US Forest Service fire captain, faces the dual challenges of battling fierce wildfires while grappling with financial strains. 

McLane, like many federal firefighters, struggles to make ends meet on a starting pay of $15 an hour. The impending expiration of a temporary pay raise, introduced under Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, heightens concerns of a mass exodus. 

Congress faces pressure to enact a long-term solution before September’s end, as firefighters warn of burnout and retention crises. The pay disparity exacerbates recruitment challenges and understaffing, jeopardizing both firefighter welfare and wildfire-prone communities. 

Conservatives vehemently angry at seeing DEI interns paid more than firefighters 

Chaya Raichik, a prominent conservative woman and the founder of Libs of TikTok made the observation and stated the obvious. She states that an intern paid to scream at White people for not being inclusive enough is paid more than people who put their lives at risk in order to save the lives of others. 

Other conservatives state that if America is a “White Supremacist” country, then there would not be jobs that would pay people more to be anti-White than one that would save the lives of others. Furthermore, many are dumbfounded to know that this is the new reality of America where saving lives are literally less prioritized than being more “inclusive.” 


X users are stating the likeness of DEI to communism stating that those who are working for this agenda are akin to USSR political officers. 

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