Conservatives accusing New York governor of looking down on Black people in lieu of computer comment

New York Governor Kathy Hochul faced swift backlash for remarks made at the Milken Institute Global Conference, where she asserted that Black children in the Bronx were unfamiliar with computers. The comments sparked condemnation from fellow lawmakers, including Assembly members Amanda Septimo and Karines Reyes, who deemed them harmful and misinformed. 

According to The Guardian, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, acknowledged the governor’s apology and noted that her words were not reflective of her intentions, others, such as civil rights leader Al Sharpton, recognized her attempt to address issues of racial exclusion. 

Hochul later expressed regret for her remarks, clarifying that lack of access to technology, not awareness, hindered opportunities for Black children in the Bronx.

Conservatives accusing New York governor looking down on Black people 

Following that, there are bold claims from Republican supporters in relation to how the Democrats think about Black people. They claim that the liberals are looking down on the minorities in America and think that they constantly need help, alleging that minorities are unable to do anything on their own. 

In addition to this, conservatives state that if a Democrat says things like this, it will quickly be forgotten. However, if a Republican says this, the media will be in a frenzy against said member. X users claim that this is a form of double standards in the media. 

Furthermore, others are bringing up the party’s past as they were not entirely favorable to minorities a few decades ago. But most liberals argue that the party has changed sides since. 

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