KOTA BARU: Congratulations have been pouring in for a viral couple who welcomed their 12th child recently.

Shamsuri Shafie and Rosnaida Ismail, who’ve been happily married for 19 years, became TikTok sensations last year when their story of raising 11 kids—6 boys and 5 girls—captivated hearts online.

Photo: TikTok/ shamsuri_safie

According to Harian Metro, the couple has joyfully welcomed a baby boy. He was born at 3:43 PM on June 25 at a medical centre, and both mother and child are reportedly in excellent health.

In a heartfelt interview, Shamshuri expressed his immense gratitude for this latest blessing and his deep love and appreciation for his wife, Rosnaida.

He shared, “As a husband, I want to thank my wife for her sacrifice in giving birth to our child.”

Shamshuri went on to describe Rosnaida as an exceptional partner, saying, “It’s hard to find a wife who is as resilient, loving, calm, and responsible as her. She is my backbone and source of strength.”

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He also expressed his gratitude towards Allah for blessing his wife with a smooth pregnancy and safe delivery, free of complications.

Photo: TikTok/ shamsuri_safie

Moreover, Shamshuri mentioned that it’s not just he and his wife who are overjoyed by the new addition; their other children are equally thrilled to welcome their new sibling.

He concluded by sharing their openness to having more children in the future, saying, “If we are blessed with more, I would welcome it because children are a gift from Allah.”

Over on Facebook, the entire family has been flooded with well-wishes and congratulations from netizens around the world.

One netizen said, “Congratulations on the new born baby. Kids are always blessings from above.”

Another commented, “You can have as many as you want, good parenting skills is upmost important.”

A third netizen stated, “Congratulations, welcome 12th member of their family, it’s your fortune that given to you for what’s good deeds that you’ve made, and I hope you take care of what is entrusted to you, Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.”

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Adding a touch of humor, some netizens playfully remarked that the couple has now successfully formed their own soccer team.

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