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Claiming sub-standards at Sports Hub hundreds of Jay Chou fans petition for refunds from concert organiser




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Several hundred fans of Jay Chou are are petitioning the organiser of ‘Jay Chou “The Invincible” 2016 Concert Singapore’, Multimedia Entertainment, for refunds for the poor standard they experienced at the Sports Hub’s National Stadium. The concert was held on 3rd September.

The petitioners say that audience were not seated in line with speakers which were leveled with the stage for the entire duration of the concert, and that they only heard muffled sound and strong bass throughout. They couldn’t hear Jay Chou singing or talking could sharply and clearly.

The petitioners claimed that they experienced the exact same scenario two years ago when Jay Chou held his concert at the newly opened stadium then. They are disappointed that despite feedback given in 2014, no improvements were seen at the concert.
jay-chouSingapore Sports Hub acknowledged the concert-goers feedback two years ago and assured them that they would work with the organiser to enhance their concert experience. They claim that the Sports Hub gave them the same template reply they gave them two years ago, last night as well.

The petitioners claim that the seating map promised concert-goers that speakers would be placed round the stadium but on the actual day, none were seen.
1The petitioners further said that the 7-month Getai performances had better standards than the Jay Chou Concert.

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In their online petition, they have asked other concert-goers who feel cheated to not accept the substandards they experienced at the National Stadium, and to band together to demand for refunds.

They said that the concert ticket price of $118 may be little for the organisers, but for the concert-goers who are affected, it may be months of savings which comes with stinging on meals and bills.

Their petition is here: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/petition-to-make-refunds-for-jay-chou-the-invincible-concert-2016-at-national-stadium-singapore-sports-hub.html

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