Celebrity Christy Chung, 50, really wants to have children with her 38-year-old husband of four years, Chinese actor Shawn Zhang.

She has tried everything from IVF to TCM and also divine intervention. The couple has everything they want, except for a child. Chung has three daughters from two previous relationships and she has been very open about her dream of giving Zhang’s parents their first grandchild. Zhang is their only son.

She has mentioned it so often that netizens called her “a slave to her womb”.

Christy Chung hopes to have a baby with husband Shawn Zhang

Christy shared about her stance on the topic in a recent interview.

“Some people have accused my husband of forcing me to have kids,” she said. “I don’t understand how netizens came to this conclusion, and it’s honestly very scary. Why haven’t they thought of the possibility that I like children? I have three of my own.”

She continued: “Some people have said that I’m unrealistic for wanting to have a child at my age (…) When you love someone, you want to create a person that shares the same blood as the two of you. A woman’s freedom to have children shouldn’t be controlled by anyone but herself.”

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She added: “I still have many more years left in me. We as a society should also start accepting the possibility that women (can have children) at a later age.”

Chung’s post has been met with mixed reactions. Some netizens are supportive of her dream and have shared success stories about getting pregnant in their 50s. However, there are also those who point out that there are known risks of having children at a later age.

“I don’t want to jinx anything, but it’s been medically proven that the chances of having a miscarriage or a stillborn baby are much higher as you age,” one netizen said. “I can’t imagine how devastated she would be if it ended up like that after she’s been trying for four years.”

Chung’s three daughters from previous relationships are 22-year-old Yasmine Ross, who is her daughter from her marriage to businessman Glen Ross. She also shares Jaden, 12, and Cayla, 10, with her second husband, music producer Jon Yen. /TISG