Entertainment Celebrity 'CAN TOUCH TAYLOR SWIFT’S HAND' — Scalper offers front-row seats to The...

‘CAN TOUCH TAYLOR SWIFT’S HAND’ — Scalper offers front-row seats to The Eras Tour for $3000!

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One netizen appeared to admire the seller, saying, “Solid la whoever did this. $3000 is well worth the time and effort to queue. Almost like 4D first prize!”

SINGAPORE: UOB’s July pre-sale of tickets to Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ next March has come and gone. Eager fans snapped tickets in just three hours, which won’t be publicly available until Friday (July 7).

And now the scalpers have come out, with some offering tickets for as much as $3000 apiece. While this is a whopping amount, it may increase, given the intense Taylor Swift mania sweeping South East Asia and the rest of the globe.

On Carousell, VIP1 tickets for this amount have begun popping up. The list price for these tickets is $1,228, which means a quick profit of over 100 per cent for sellers.

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One such ad reads, “Secured VIP1 Taylor Swift Era Tours ticket (Front Row Seats) – Selling at $3000/ticket, preferably to let go a pair – Section PF2 , Row 2 – VIP merchandise will be couriered to you once receive. Only accept full payment.”

A similar screenshot was shared on the sgfollowsall Instagram page, although for this seller, the price was $1500 each or $3000 for the pair of Category 1 front-row seats, which are sold for $348 each.

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The post is captioned, “Bro wtf.”

Netizens were divided on the scalper’s bid to make a tidy sum, with some appearing to believe that what they were doing was ok.

“I don’t get what’s the problem. You’re paying for labour…,” one wrote.

However, another answered, “Sitting in a room with a queue going is NOT labour.”

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One appeared to admire the seller. “Solid la whoever did this. $3000 is well worth the time and effort to queue. Almost like 4D first prize!”

But another quickly wrote, “yeah but like you’re annoying and a loser if you spend that much time making sure real fans have to spend thousands after they spent an equal amount of time in queue and didn’t get anything out of it because of people like you.”

A number of commenters said that scalpers should be reported.      


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