Singapore — Former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Calvin Cheng took to social media on Saturday (Nov 14) about a post by WP MP Raeesah Khan celebrating her birthday with her constituents and at home and another by MP Jamus Lim on enjoying panettone, a type of Italian-style cake-like bread.

Mr Cheng’s post, titled “CHAMPAGNE SOCIALISTS AND KOPITIAM CAPITALISTS”, was about his earlier comments on those he called “Workers’ Party celebrity MPs”.

Referring to Ms Khan’s post, Mr Cheng wrote: “Happy Birthday to Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan. Its wonderful she got to spend her birthday amongst the heartlanders at Compassvale, as well as her 3 storey bungalow home in Eunos.”

Similarly, on Associate Professor Jamus Lim, Mr Cheng wrote on Thursday (Nov 12): “WORKERS’ Party celebrity MP shares with his fans the joys of Italian sweetbread panettone, with a designer espresso, lovingly shot with his latest iPhone 12.
A well-deserved treat after his tireless fighting for the proletariat.”

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In his post on Saturday (Nov 14), he asked: “It is ok to post pictures of nice cakes that most heartlanders have never heard of, but if Chan Chun Sing wears a Casio watch, it is being fake? Are we headed down the path of superficial Western politics where packaging is more important than substance?”

Mr Cheng, who is known to be aligned with the People’s Action Party, said that he published the posts because he “needed to draw in the hypocrites and the self-righteous, mark them (thank you for being my fan!), and then drop this on them when they are at their most furious”.

While his posts have been welcomed by his supporters, many members of the online community have criticised him in the comments column for being petty when it came to opposition MPs, especially A/Prof Lim. /TISG