Netizen Warns of Bugis Junction Incident Where Man Asks for Food and Discards It

Singapore — A netizen who bought a meal for an older man at Bugis Junction took to social media to warn others after the uncle just threw the meal away.

Mr Norman Ng posted on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Saturday (Aug 21), writing that it was the last time he would be helping the man. 

“God let me see this, so I let you guys to see,” he wrote, adding that he thinks people have the right to know what he saw, but that it was their “own choice” to decide whether they wanted to keep helping him out or not.

Mr Ng had apparently bought a meal that the older man had specifically requested, “Wok Hey, Old Chang Kee and coffee.”

He added that the man had “literally” brought him to the food shop and pointed to what he wanted.

He then gave the man the meal and then told him to go home early, so he can have dinner.

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However, to his great surprise, he discovered that the older man merely threw the food and coffee away.

“End up he walked out to the mall building and i thought that he was on his way talking bus home, but i saw he walk to the alley and throw the food away into the bins without eating at all,” wrote Mr Ng.

He wrote a “gentle reminder” to all the “kindhearted who (are) willing to help him,” saying that the man “will deceive your kindness.”

“Stay kind and good luck,” he added.

Mr Ng posted three photos—two of an older man standing by and seeming to place items in a large trash bin, and one picture of the food and coffee he had presumably just purchased inside the bin.

Other netizens commenting on the post were similarly upset.

Some thanked Mr Ng for sharing and told him not to be discouraged from helping others in the future.

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At least one other netizen wrote that they had the same experience with the uncle.


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