SINGAPORE: Weddings are usually happy occasions, full of love and excitement. However, some individuals with a keen eye can spot subtle hints that things might not be smooth sailing for the couple, possibly leading to divorce down the road. 

Over on Reddit, these keen observers have been sharing the top telltale signs hinting at doomed marriages. 

The discussion started after one Singaporean netizen shared that he had attended so many weddings that he could now tell if a couple would last.

For instance, on one occasion, the netizen overheard the groom speaking negatively about the bride to his groomsmen, urging them to keep it under wraps.

On another occasion, he said the bride scolded the groom for not picking her up in the room. 

Bride dodges Groom’s kiss

In the discussion thread, many netizens shared their experiences and insights. One netizen shared that he witnessed a rather awkward moment during a crucial part of the wedding ceremony: the ‘You may kiss the bride’ moment.

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He recounted that after the groom leaned in for a kiss, the bride “dodged it.” 

The scene left him and his friends staring at each other in disbelief. He also recalled that it wasn’t a playful dodge; there was a palpable sense of disdain from the bride. To ease the tension in the room, the pastor cracked a joke.

He said, “They got divorced a year later because she cheated. It was the ‘usual got together in uni,’ got a house on the way, so gotta get married kind of story. Marriage didn’t even last until the house came.”

Bride hogs the spotlight

Another netizen recalled that he attended a wedding where everything in the celebration, including the theme and location, was catered to the bride’s preferences.

Post-ceremony, he noted that only the bride delivered a ‘Thank You speech,’ with the groom staying seated the entire time. Adding to this, the music playlist during the dance floor session exclusively featured the bride’s favourite songs.

To make matters worse, the bride also made the groom carry all the stuff to the hotel room while she scooted off earlier to the after-party location.

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Two years later, the netizen said they went their separate ways.

Arguing even on wedding day

One netizen shared that he once attended a wedding where the groom and bride got into an argument, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone present. 

Instead of speaking directly to each other, they communicated through the best man, who was caught in the middle and tasked with relaying messages between them.

The netizen said that the couple divorced two years later.

Groom lets his mum plan everything

One netizen shared her experience attending a wedding where the groom’s mum took control of all the planning.

The bride had her heart set on a particular venue, but the groom’s mum overruled her and insisted on holding the ceremony in a church.

“She’s okay with the religion but was pissed that the groom just let his mum plan everything because he didn’t want to upset her,” he wrote.

After the wedding, the groom’s mum went a step further, asking her son to persuade his wife to start attending church and eventually get baptized. 

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Rather than siding with his wife, the groom suggested that she go along with it and fake the whole thing to keep the peace.

The whole thing led to a significant confrontation where the bride issued an ultimatum, demanding to know who the decision-maker in their marriage would be—him or his mum.

Unfortunately, the netizen said their marriage didn’t even last six months. The bride also ended up aborting a fetus.

Unhappy bride

Another netizen shared that throughout the entire wedding, he noticed that the bride was “so glum.” In every group photo, he said the bride never smiled.

“Baam… less than 3 months, they divorced. Groom friend has happily remarried since,” he said.

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