SINGAPORE: Electric car-sharing operator BlueSG has announced that it will waive vehicle rental fees for users affected by a recent app glitch.

This decision comes after numerous reports of individuals being unable to end their trips, leading to substantial errors in fare calculations, with some users accruing charges of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The issue gained widespread attention after TikTok user Bibipew shared a video on Sunday (24 Dec), revealing his experience with a BlueSG shared electric vehicle rented earlier that week.

According to Bibipew, the option to end the trip was unavailable, causing the rental charges to accumulate. Many other users faced similar problems, with some reporting charges exceeding $1,000.

Bibipew initially suspected a credit card issue but later discovered an erroneous notification from the charging station stating, “Another vehicle has been connected to power.”

Concerned about the escalating charges, he promptly reported the situation to BlueSG, seeking a swift resolution.

Several others flooded BlueSG’s Facebook page with similar complaints, with one individual even reporting an erroneous fee of $1,000.

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BlueSG acknowledged the app glitch and explained that a scheduled system migration and update on Tuesday (Dec 19) had resulted in the application malfunction. BlueSG expressed deep regret for the inconvenience caused to users.

“To address this issue, we have taken immediate action to identify affected journeys that are older than 48 hours and will be waiving full rental fees for these journeys as part of our service restoration process,” the company said.

While BlueSG has committed to rectifying the situation promptly, it clarified that fees related to breaches of terms and conditions, such as vehicle cleaning or damage, will be charged as usual.