Asia Malaysia Blogger explains why he thinks will lose the  in Johor

Blogger explains why he thinks Pakatan will lose the by-election in Johor

In a sarcastic tone, Syed Akbar Ali tells his party is now the 'secret weapon' for the comeback of the weakened Malaysian Chinese Association, a member of the Barisan Nasional coalition that lost the elections last year




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It is most likely that the PH will lose Tg Piai, Johor because the Chinese voters have already turned away from the Democratic Action Party which has lost its ‘fire and brimstone,’ says a blogger who is known for his sarcasm.

The blogger, known as Syed Akbar Ali writes on his popular blog, Syed Outside The Box on Blogspot. In a recent post, he has a message for the leader, .

He details the cost or what he calls the price of the hanging out with the Harapan, which he says “is your loss of Chinese support.”

“Plus there is something even more costly – something that could be fatal to the long-term prospects of the DAP.  You have shown to everyone, including the Chinese people, that when it comes to power, money and all the trappings that come with it, even the DAP are no angels,” he wrote.

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In a sarcastic tone, he tells Lim Kit Siang his party is now the ‘secret weapon’ for the comeback of the weakened Malaysian Chinese Association, a member of the Barisan Nasional coalition that lost the elections last year.

“The DAP is no different from an MCA, a Gerakan or even a UMNO or PKR,” he said.

He referred to a report that Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali has unpaid travel expenses of RM300,000, a piece of news that went viral on Wednesday, saying this will taint the DAP.

“Why? Because you just kept quiet. Not a peep from the DAP. Mr Lim Kit Siang, what has happened to you? Where is the old DAP? What happened to all the fire and brimstone?)”

He said the DAP has given life to the MCA because the DAP has “sold out”, the MCA can come back.

“I think you will lose in .”

is the hotly contested in Johor on which Dr Mohamad, Prime Minister, seems to have placed his belief the PH will win.

But the blogger says if DAP sticks to the PH including the Justice Party or PKR, the future of Lim Kit Siang and the DAP is “as good as dead.”

His advice to the DAP is to shake hands with the PH and to part ways, breaking the coalition and leave power to go back in the opposition where the DAP was the hope for the Chinese community.

Meanwhile, Lim Kit Siang’s response seems to be a call on Tanjong Piai voters to prove the Muafakat Nasional and Barisan Nasional wrong.

Muafakat Nasional is the alliance between Umno and the Islamists PAS. They are the main contenders in the by-election in Johor and are said to be in the lead.

He says the 1MDB scandal is not fake news but the most shameful chapter of Malaysian history.

According to the DAP stalwart, the Tanjong Piai voters have a national duty on the by-election voting day on 16th November.

A Selangor government think-tank Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) recently said its survey in Tanjong Piai showed that only 41 per cent of Tanjung Piai Chinese voters will make the same choice that they did in GE14.

The PH won the seat in 2018 with a swing in Chinese votes. This may not be the case this time around but the Think Tank says both the opposition MCA and the PH do not have an upper hand in the by-election.  -/TISG

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