When contemplating these brands, who immediately comes to mind, and which ones are forever intertwined with BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

Netizens enthusiastically discussed the five iconic brands that have formed a lasting association with Jennie as their model. The chosen brands and the impressive durations she has represented them are as follows:

  1. Chanel (since 2017: 8 years)
  2. adidas (since 2018: 7 years)
  3. HERA (since 2019: 6 years)
  4. Gentle Monster (since 2020: 5 years)
  5. Calvin Klein (since 2020: 5 years)
Photo: Instagram/Jennie

Netizens admitted that separating these brands from Jennie’s image, especially within the domestic market, has become nearly impossible.

They praised her enduring commitment to Chanel since her debut and humorously suggested that HERA and Gentle Monster should forever give Jennie a “piggyback ride” for her role in successfully promoting their products.

Luxury and elegance

Commentary emphasized the air of luxury and elegance Jennie effortlessly brings to these brands, Allkpop reported.

Chanel and HERA emerged as the quintessential “signature” brands that now symbolize Jennie, and the sentiment is reciprocated. Here are some reactions:

  • “Initially, I doubted HERA would suit her, but now HERA without Jennie is unimaginable.”
  • “My view of Jennie is deeply intertwined with HERA.”
  • “HERA complements Jennie’s image the most… incredibly beautiful.”
  • “Jennie effortlessly pulls off those vintage Chanel vibes.”
  • “Jennie is synonymous with Gentle Monster.”
  • “The same goes for Tamburins.”
  • “If I were the president of any of these brands, I’d continue making contracts with her.”
  • “Every brand truly suits her.”
  • “How can they ever replace Jennie for Gentle Monster?”
  • “Jennie is synonymous with Gentle Monster.”
  • “There’s no way they can find someone who embodies Gentle Monster like Jennie does.”
  • “Adidas looks astonishing on her, oh my god.”
  • “She exudes such chic vibes…”
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In a related development, Jennie recently organized an extravagant celebration for the launch of Odd Atelier, with representatives from ‘Chanel,’ ‘Adidas,’ ‘Tamburins,’ and ‘Gentle Monster’ in attendance.

Talented singer, rapper and actress

Jennie, real name Jennie Kim, is a multifaceted artist known for her work as a singer, rapper, and actress.

She debuted in August 2016 with BLACKPINK, one of the biggest K-pop acts globally.

Jennie is known for her powerful rapping and singing vocals, often taking on lead roles in BLACKPINK’s songs. She also contributes to the group’s strong fashion image, earning nicknames like “Human Gucci” and “Human Chanel.”