Biden administration suing “Sheetz” for making employees pass criminal background check

The liberal agenda has been pushing its way through the very fabric of American society. It seems that the Biden administration is suing a company called Sheetz for discrimination. Apparently, this is in lieu of the company making their potential employees go through a strict criminal background check. 

Fox Business states, in a striking turn of events, the Biden administration launched a lawsuit against Sheetz, a Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain, while President Biden himself made a campaign trail pit stop at one of their locations. 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) accused Sheetz of racial discrimination in its hiring practices, particularly through stringent criminal background checks that allegedly disadvantaged minority applicants. 

While the lawsuit doesn’t imply intentional discrimination, it argues that Sheetz violated federal law by disproportionately denying employment to Black, Native American, and multiracial job seekers. 

Sheetz, however, asserts its commitment to diversity and inclusion, emphasizing ongoing efforts to resolve the dispute with the EEOC.

X users calling Biden Administration out for assuming minorities are criminals 

The post has garnered over 31 million views in the last few days. X users state that if the Biden Administration is really taking Sheetz to court, that means they are assuming that minorities in America are in fact criminals. Furthermore, if they thought that this was the contrary, this would not happen. 


In addition to this, conservatives say that the liberal parties are assuming that non-White people are inherently problematic individuals. They also claim that the current regime is forcing companies to hire past criminals to run their business. However , these are bold accusations that are placed on the current government. It is unclear in which direction this lawsuit will take place. 

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