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Better service, SingPost




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By Cheong Yaoming
On Nov 5,  I saw a SingPost van going at high speed near Block 70, Redhill Close. As it went round the corner, a large sack of mail fell out onto the road from a wide open side door.
Fortunately, it missed the pedestrians on the sidewalk and vehicles behind it. I grabbed the sack and placed it at the lampost and called the SingPost hotline to report the incident.
I had specifically asked the call operator taking my call to provide an update on whether the sack had been retrieved safely and how this incident could have occurred
One week passed and I had not heard from SingPost;  so I filled out an enquiry form on their website. The next day, I received an acknowledgement that “…we have forwarded this feedback to the relevant department. They will be investigating into this matter and will be liaising with you on the outcome the soonest.”
Finally after 15 days, I got a call from duty manager Vanessa Vergara who apologised for the delay and said it was due to a “backlog of matters”. Then, she said the lost sack of mail had been recovered and the driver cautioned.
What upset me further was her flippant and casual response to my questions on why the mail was lost in the first place and why it took so long for a proper response.
She was evasive and kept changing her story. When asked if lack of staff was the reason for the backlog, she said no but when asked why there was a backlog, she couldn’t give a satisfactory response.
I hope SingPost will investigate further and push for a friendlier and safer postal service.

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