Shin Min Daily News yesterday (30 June) reported that the driver of a red Ferrari stopped her car in the middle of busy Orchard Road to confront the driver of a tour bus who had honked at her.

The incident happened on 30 June at about 5pm, after both vehicles had turned from the junction at Claymore Road to Orchard Road. The tour bus driver allegedly honked at the woman for turning very slowly. Once they had made the turn, the tour bus driver occupied the right lane and the Ferrari the left.

This is when the driver of the luxury car did the unexpected. Angry at the bus driver for honking at her earlier, the woman stopped her car in the middle of the congested road to confront him. Her action caused a major jam in the shopping belt area.

The Ferrari driver who eyewitnesses said looked to be in her 50s and dressed in black, gave the driver a tongue-lashing loudly for over 5 minutes. The bus driver listened to the woman calmly without provoking her any further. Several frustrated motorists started taking pictures and videos of the incident, and when the woman realised this, she tried shielding her face with her hands.

She only stopped after the police arrived at the scene and asked both drivers to move their vehicles to the side of the road to let other vehicles pass. The police said that they received a call about the commotion and resulting jam at 5.38pm, and since they both complied to keep the peace, no actions were taken against the drivers.

The New Paper (TNP) also reported on the incident today. An eyewitness who spoke to the newspaper said that he was very angry at the driver of the Ferrari. The witness said: “I felt that the Ferrari driver was too much. Just because you drive a sports car, you think you are so big?”

One Facebook user Mel Vin who shared TNP’s article said that he witnessed a similar incident last month in Orchard Road (near the SAM).  “I witnessed another red Ferrari auntie driver madly honking at a bus driver for being too slow in front of her. Could this be her?”, he wondered.