A heart-broken pedicab driver could not take it anymore and killed a rival who was dating his lover, a woman whose husband lives in Kalimantan.

38-year-old, Budiono fell in love with Puji who has no children from her legal husband, but Puji was also dating Antok Aman who is 14-years younger than her.

Antok’s full name is Achmad Dwi Antoko, 21, a rice seller at Jombang Square and he was murdered in a fight with Budiono, who is also from Jombang.

From the results of the police investigation, the murder is because they were allegedly in a love triangle and Budiono had planned the killing.

Budiono (the perpetrator) was upset with the victim (Antok) after finding out that his girlfriend (Puji Rahayu) was in a secret love affair with the victim.

Budiono is a widower and was having an affair with Puji Rahayu, a relationship that began in April but Puji later started a love affair with the victim, triggering Budiono to murder Antok.

Jombang Police Chief AKBP Boby Paludin Tambunan said the perpetrator had planned the incident since Monday, 30 August.

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On Oct 2, Budiono went to Puji’s house where he found Antok.

A fight ensued in the kitchen which ended outside in the yard where the victim threw sand on the killer’s face but the latter had a knife hidden behind his back.

He used it to stab the victim, striking him six times in the neck, hands, body but the latter ran into the main road where he died because he had lost too much blood.

Police arrested the killer 24 hours after the incident while he was carrying out his daily activities, said Jombang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Boby Paludin Tambunan at a press conference.

He resisted arrest and tried to escape but police shot him in the leg.

The police man explained that Budiono was a gambler who was arrested in 2009. At that time he was serving at Kasat Reskrim Jombang Police.

After the incident, Budiono ran away with his beloved Puji in his pedicab while the wounded lover was found in a prostrating position on the street in a pool of blood, in a scene that shocked many residents in the area. -/TISG