SINGAPORE: Nutanix’s sixth global Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) report has found that organizations are increasingly prioritizing artificial intelligence (AI) as a pivotal element in their endeavors towards modernization. The study sheds light on the growing significance of technology in the city-state’s IT landscape, with a particular focus on AI strategies spearheaded by Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

The report reveals that an overwhelming 60% of Singapore-based businesses have identified the implementation of AI as their foremost priority, significantly surpassing both the regional and global averages of 48% and 45%, respectively

Furthermore, an astounding 89% of these enterprises intend to amplify their investments in AI, underscoring the rising demand for advanced technological solutions.

However, despite this enthusiasm, many organizations acknowledge existing challenges in effectively deploying AI applications due to limitations within their IT infrastructure.

In response to these impediments, companies are intensifying efforts in IT modernization and edge infrastructure deployments to enhance data processing speed and accessibility. Notably, a significant portion of Singaporean businesses underscore the importance of striking a balance between innovation and security, harnessing hybrid multicloud infrastructure, and bolstering defenses against ransomware attacks.

An overwhelming 99% of surveyed organizations in Singapore are adopting a “cloud smart” approach towards their hybrid multicloud infrastructure strategy, leveraging various environments including data centers, public cloud, and edge computing. This strategic shift towards cloud adoption reflects a heightened executive priority within these enterprises, outpacing the global average of 90%.

Despite strides in modernization, the report highlights vulnerabilities in cybersecurity, with 97% of organizations acknowledging room for improvement in protection against ransomware and malware attacks.

Disturbingly, nearly two-thirds of those affected by such cyber threats reported lengthy restoration periods, lasting days or weeks. Consequently, one-third of organizations are now considering significant investments to fortify their security measures.

Moreover, sustainability emerges as a paramount concern among Singaporean businesses, with 92% expressing a commitment to prioritizing sustainability efforts—a figure surpassing the global average of 88%. A significant majority (76%) of organizations in the city-state are poised to escalate investments in sustainable technologies throughout the year.

Commenting on these findings, Ho Chye Soon, Nutanix’s Country Manager for Singapore, emphasized the pressing need for organizations to navigate the evolving IT landscape adeptly. He remarked, “Data management remains a challenge across the nation, particularly as enterprises seek to leverage AI, improve cybersecurity, and achieve sustainability goals.”

As Singapore continues its trajectory towards technological advancement, the Nutanix report serves as a compelling testament to the pivotal role of AI in driving the city-state’s modernization agenda, while also spotlighting the imperative for robust cybersecurity measures and sustainable practices in shaping its digital future.