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Conservative outrage intensifies as American companies embrace woke ideology. Criticisms mount against corporations for delving into social issues instead of focusing solely on products and services. Advil’s endorsement of equity initiatives sparks controversy among some users on X. 

However, there is significant research showing that African Americans do suffer from misdiagnosis and have a negative effect when seeking help in managing their pain. According to Fortune, pain treatment disparities persist among Americans, with Black individuals experiencing disproportionate challenges, according to Advil’s study in collaboration with the Morehouse School of Medicine. 

The Advil Pain Equity Project aims to combat this inequity by awarding grants to support patient resources and medical education. 

The initiative also includes a storytelling campaign, “Believe My Pain,” featuring personal narratives to shed light on the experiences of Black patients and inspire advocacy for equitable healthcare access.

Advil attacked by conservatives for “woke” campaign 


However, despite some of the research shown, X users still believe that the company is merely trying to take advantage of the African American community. For the most part, conservatives feel that companies are only going woke as it is the current trend. To some, this is a dangerous strategy as anything can happen in the near future that is “trendy.” 

Following that, conservatives believe that liberals are trying to make Black Americans feel biologically inferior. Users state that Black Americans would need to rise up against claims from liberals saying that they’re oppressed. 

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